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A fantastic way to promote your book is with video. These videos are called Book Trailers. Book trailers are very similar to a movie trailer. They serve the same purpose of promoting and peaking interest in your potential audience.

1. Attention span of YouTube users is very low.
1-2 minute videos work best for YouTube. Deliver a short but powerful message. If you have something significant to say, break up the video into 2-5 parts and upload them with unique keyword rich titles.

2. Creating infomovies (videos with slides and voiceover) using PowerPoint:
Make sure that you have a custom unique background for your slides. This custom background can contain your website’s URL on the top or bottom right corner. With this technique you can gain visitors even if your video is embedded on other sites.

3. Screencast videos:
Try to record the screen at 640×360 (16:9) so…

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