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Germany’s first e-book subscription service has been launched: Skoobe and it might have the potential to turn the e-book business from right to left.

European readers, including those in Switzerland (which doesn’t belong to the EU) are able to access the full text of a couple of thousand e-books for a monthly subscription rate of 9,99 EUR.

Skoobe is designed as a „virtual library“. This means, that users can browse the whole assortment and borrow all e-books as long and as often as they want. Only the number of e-books that can be borrowed at the same time as well as the number of new e-books per month are limited. Five e-books at the same time are available on the user’s bookshelf, when „returning“ one, another title can be borrowed.

The first 10.000 users of the app are able to access an unlimited number of new titles, from March…

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