Writing is an Art – Publishing is a Business!

Sie haben ein fantastisches Buch geschrieben, Jahre daran gearbeitet. Aber es hat einfach noch nicht die Verkaufszahlen, die Sie sich wuenschen, oder die, die ihr Werk verdient haette. Was tun?



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You might belong to these talented authors who have written a fantastic book – or several, but you just don’t have the sales numbers your book(s) deserves.

You realized that selling and marketing is a completely different process to writing and publishing your book. And you are not alone:

Very few writers have a degree in marketing / business or experience in publishing and selling on- and offline.

Barely any author is really planning their book and its promotion. Only when frustration sets in, they think about getting help.

However, throwing lots of money into advertising is very costly and in the best case, might be only a rather short-term solution.

Creating a brand long-term, and a platform from where you can communicate with your readers is more efficient, almost free and a solid base for future books and their sales numbers.

The Internet is full of bogus…

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